Thursday, 3 August 2017

22nd LCM on 04-08-2017

22nd    Local Council Meeting
Items for discussion
22.1  Provision of One New Xerox Machine
One New Xerox Machine to  GM Office , Ground Floor/ Balaji Nagar Thanjavur may be provided.

22.2 Non working of TOWER A/C
Non working of TOWER A/C at  Tamil University and  Medical College to be attended and put in service.

22.3 Supply of Laptop to all the JE O/D
Laptop to all the JE O/D who is marked for brand band may be supplied.

22.4 Provision of Moderm & Instrument to NPC customers
New Moderm and Telephone instrument to be arranged by the department to the New customers.

22.5  Supply of Power shoes & Tool Bag
Supply of Power shoes & Tool Bag to JEs/TTs at SDOP Thanjavur

22.6 Merger of CSC & CSR
In Tiruvarur two CSC are working, these are  to be merged as one.
Merger of CSC & CSR in Vedaraniam.

22.7 Provision of New Battery
Provision of New Battery to  Thagattur,  Kuruvappalam,  Kariyapattinam Exchanges and Vadaseri. The new battery provided in Avoor Exchange not supporting.

22.8  Shifting of TTP Exge
In tiruthuraipoondi Exge functioning at Mettu Street to be shifted to UHF Station. 

22.9 Requirement of Cable Fault Locator
One Cable Fault Locator required at Tiruthuraipoondi out door.

22.9  Requirement of PC
One Printer in good condition  required at  Pattukottai  CSR.  
One PC is required for  JTO O/D PTK.

22.10        Provision of New Cell Tower
KTNL – Thaneerkunnam –New Cell Tower to be provided . &  New 3G Tower at Vadaseri to be commissioned. 

22.11   Tower Problem
Tower Problem in Rajagiri Town,Nayankkanpettai &  Elankadu
Alangottai  & Edakeelaiyur 

22.12    Civil Works to be attended

1.       Gents Toilet in GM Office , Ground Floor/ Balaji Nagar Thanjavur to be repaired

2.      Drinking water and sewages  water mixing in CTMX bldg,  Thanjavur. In and around available unwanted electrical fittings/water pipe lines to removed to avoid excess EB charges/hazards. Vegetation to be arranged.

3.      BSNLEU office wooden door and broken glass window to be replaced.

4.     Tiruvaiyaru Exge is functioning in Rented Bldg. All the damages are to be rectified immediately.

5.       Perumpannaiyur Exge is functioning in Rented Bldg. All the damages are to be rectified.

6.       Ponnthottam – Compound Damage is to be set right.

7.       TVN Old Exge (L) - Entrance completely damaged.

8.      O/o DE(RM) MNG- Main Gate problem & Tube lights are to be

9.     In Muthupettai  Exge the borewell not working, water is purchased on daily basis.

22.13   Water Problem
Water Problems at Vedaraniam  Staff Quarters,  Pattukottai  Exchange Orattanad  Main Exge and are to be settled.
The water purifier available at CTMX closed canteen to be shifted to suitable place and make it use of all staff.

22.14    Cable Fault
In  Tiruvarur DE(RM) section  -  Pillars are to be maintained. The faulty Primary and Secondary cables to be rectified through contract basis. In Kattur and Mangudi NPC can be given if fault rectified.

22.15     Engaging of Contract labour.
In all over SSA new contract labours are engaged for Indoor and office duty. A uniform procedure to be adopted for this engagement.  At present working contract labour list SDCA wise to be supplied to the service unions since to monitor/restrict  the fresh engagement.

22.16  Service SIM
Service SIM to the left out officials to be supplied.

22.17   Form-3 to be supplied to the retiring official.

Form-3 Family particulars given by the retiring officials for recording in the Service book, the same copy duly  attested and given to the retiring officials on retirement for their reference.

22.18    Chairs required for CSRs.
In Pattukottai, Adirampattinam & Koothanallur CSCs Chairs are to  arranged for Officials on duty.

Local council
                                                                   Thanjavur SSA

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