Sunday 4 October 2015

A Single Emergency Number will soon be a reality.

112-எண்னானது நேரடியாக டயல் பன்னகூடியது, தனி பட்ட எண்ணை 100,101,102,108 ஆகிய எண்களுக்குதொடர்ப்பு கொண்டு  பிரித்து கொடுக்ககூடியது 112-எண் ஆகும் 
At present various emergency numbers are there, such as 100, 101, 102 and 108. Very soon, a single emergency number will be introduced in the place of all these numbers. The proposal of the TRAI to introduce 112 as the single emergency number, has been accepted by the DoT. The existing emergency numbers will continue for some time as secondary numbers. When these numbers are dialed, they will be re-routed to 112. The secondary numbers will be closed in a phased manner.

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